How to Buy Gender-Neutral Nursery Furniture

How to Buy Gender-Neutral Furniture

Move over pink and blue, gender-neutral is here to stay.

Gender-neutral designs for your little one’s room and furnishings are becoming increasingly popular for multiple reasons. You may not know or want to know about your future baby’s gender or you may want to keep it a surprise. You will want your child to be comfortable as they grow and flourish in non-gender stereotyped colour schemes and styles. You can invest in the future by choosing a room style that would suit any child but perhaps above all gender-neutral nurseries can be stylish, attractive and timeless. 

So whether you’re trying to encourage your child to step away from colour stereotypes or you’re looking for a unique style, gender-neutral nursery furniture sets are everywhere and easy to buy.

3 Advantages of Having a Gender-Neutral Nursery

Saving on Expenses

Gender-neutral nurseries are a great way to save money while planning for the future. If you are hoping to have another child or keeping your options open then having the decor and furnishings ready and waiting will help you avoid future expense and inconvenience.

Furthermore, if you don't see another baby in your future then don't worry because gender-neutral nurseries often hold their value better than gender-specific furnishings.


Children’s preferences and tastes change as they develop. A little pink-loving ballerina might transform into an edgy breakdancer and likewise, a sporty boy who loves his blues and greens might end up being a photographer who needs a blank canvas. People change!

When your nursery has a neutral palette, it lets their personalities flourish. 

Keeping it a Surprise

With modern ultrasound technology, parents can find out exactly what gender to prepare for weeks before birth. However, some prefer to be traditional and enjoy the surprise when they are presented with a boy or girl. If you would rather not know then a gender-neutral nursery is a great way to ensure you are prepared for every eventuality. 

The last thing you need on your to-do list is decorating a gender-specific nursery once your baby arrives. With your gender-neutral nursery ready and waiting to welcome them home, you can concentrate on the exciting whirlwind that is parenthood.

Pick Your Baby’s Nursery Theme

It will make decorating your gender-neutral nursery easier if you pick a gender-neutral theme. Let this inspire you when selecting the colour palette, accessories and furniture. Some gender-neutral themes are:

  • Space
  • Nature
  • Nautical
  • Travel
  • Circus
  • Patterns
  • Storybook
  • Animals.

Choosing the Colour Palette

Gender-neutral colours are designed to suit both males and females. 

There are no specific colours for certain sexes; the idea that blue is for boys and pink is for girls is merely a social construct. Avoiding these colour stereotypes opens up a world of creative freedom, meaning you can inspire your children with a wide spectrum of colour.

Establishing a gender-neutral palette of colours for your new nursery is important. Choose the perfect combinations from vibrant yellows to clean whites as you let your creativity take over.

A great design tip is to make sure the colour you choose for your walls is the softer one of the palettes. Other, brighter colours can then be sprinkled throughout the room with accessories.

How to Buy Gender-Neutral Nursery Furniture

From wardrobes and cots to a chest of drawers and nursing chair, furniture takes up a lot of space in any bedroom or nursery. It will also likely be the biggest investment you make for the room, so getting it right is key. 

The little ones grow quickly, meaning they will outgrow that new item of furniture you just purchased in no time. It's a good idea to choose stylish furniture in gender-neutral colours so that it can find a new home in another room of the house when the time comes. 

A Bedside Crib

The woven, bohemian feel of cribs, cradles and Moses baskets make them gender-neutral and timeless. Letting your baby sleep in the same room as you is generally recommended by the NHS for the first 6 months. Therefore you may want to invest in a specially designed bedside crib, like the Rattan Cradle, which is a comfortable and functional product that will make those night time tantrums easier to deal with. 

Should you Buy a Cot or Cot Bed?

Although there are plenty of things to consider when purchasing your new cot, safety and functionality should remain your top consideration. Manufacturing standards means that most cots are incredibly safe.

One of the best aspects of most cot beds and cots is that, just like the White Troll Cot Bed and the Aylesbury Cot Bed, they are designed in neutral tones such as greys, whites and wood so that they can fit seamlessly into any nursery design. They suit any gender and have a classic quality that allows them to grow with your little one.

Baby Changing Station

There is a lot of baby changing to do when you welcome them into the world. Make sure that whatever changing station you buy is comfortable and functional for you and your little one.

Something that might make your life easier if you have room in your nursery is a changing table, such as the Clara 3 Drawer Changer, which benefits from additional built-in storage. A great addition to your nursery.

A Chest of Drawers

Organisation is key when it comes to welcoming a newborn into the home. Keeping all their little clothes and accessories to hand in their own chest of drawers is a huge help and can alleviate some of the stress of being a new parent. Your baby’s chest of drawers will be there to welcome them home and send them off on their first day of school. 

A Wardrobe

Gender-neutral baby clothes are becoming increasingly popular for several reasons — they are great to stock up on if you decide not to find out what you are having, but they’re also perfect if you want to invest in good-quality clothes that you can pass down via siblings. So invest in a spacious wardrobe to store all the equipment, clothing and toys you will acquire throughout their childhood. 

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