Baby Bouncers

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Let your little one bounce in our range of baby bouncers that are designed to build strength, coordination and balance. We also have a range of Childhome baby bouncer covers made from super soft jersey material to make a soothing place for newborns to take a rest or have a nap.

Place a baby play gym over the baby bouncer to keep your little one entertained and leave your hands free to get other tasks done. The Evolux baby bouncers are all carefully crafted to ensure support for baby's neck and back with a padded belt for safety too.

Browse our Childhome Evolux bouncer range, which is specifically designed for building coordination and balance as your little one discovers that their movement makes the baby bouncer move. Parents can also rock the Evolux baby bouncer chair to generate a soothing and comforting motion to calm fussy babies.

Our soft covers are easy to remove and put in the washing machine if you have a messy mealtime in the bouncer chair. The leopard print, jersey grey and gold dot bouncer covers can be used interchangeably to give your rocker a new look, while one of them is in the wash.

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