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Our collection of soft play mats includes the popular Teddy shaped padded play mat, which is available in beige or jersey grey. Our 150cm teddy playmat is a soft padded play mat that adds a touch of warmth and friendliness to your nursery. An ideal surface for your baby to play on. 

Our white canopy tent and playmat is designed to be disconnected from its base so it can hang over cots to create a whimsical look. The canopy tent adds the perfect finishing touch to complete your dream fairytale nursery as the fabric drapes around the sides of the cot or cradle. As your little one starts to crawl, the tent can be attached to the soft baby play mat base to create a fun den that inspires imagination. 

Our baby play gyms are also a beautiful way to inspire imagination and they look stunning with our soft Teddy playmat. Our stylish tipi play gym frames are available in white or natural and they come with a choice of either felt animal toys or scandy canvas toys. Our play gym toys for babies stimulate motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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