Co-Sleeper Mattresses

We pride ourselves on our high quality baby mattress collection, which are all expertly made in the UK with hypoallergenic nursery grade foam. The collection includes our popular Little Me Hypoallergenic co sleeper mattress. This co sleeper crib mattress contains our signature bamboo fabric that is much softer than cotton. Bamboo fibre is also naturally anti microbial to keep baby's sleep environment clean and fresh.

Equally popular, is the Mother & Baby anti allergy crib mattress 89 x 38 made with Purotex, which is microcapsules filled with natural probiotics which are 100% organic and proven to reduce allergens. All the products in this range have a removable cover that is machine washable for easy cleaning. 

Little Me Hypo-Allergenic Bamboo Co-sleeper Basket Mattress 83 x 50cm Regular price £24.99 29 reviews
Mother&Baby First Gold Anti-Allergy Foam Co-Sleeper 83 x 50 cm Regular price £35 2 reviews
Mother&Baby First Gold Anti-Allergy Crib Mattress 89x38cm Regular price £34.99