How to Choose a Baby Changing Table

How to Choose a Baby Changing Table

Choosing a Baby Changing Table

Newborns go through nappies at a rate of about 70 nappies per week. That equates to a lot of time changing nappies and so, choosing the perfect changing table is crucial to having a functional nursery. 

But there are also other facts to consider before you decide on the perfect changing table for your home and needs. Our experts have put together the below guide on how to choose a baby changing table to meet your needs.

Types of Changing Tables

With a bit of research you will soon realise that most changing tables fall into one of three categories: 

  • Classic changing tables that offer plenty of storage
  • Two-in-one changing tables that attach to the crib, such as our Troll Torsten Changing Top. Perfect for saving space.
  • Convertible chest-top changing tables that can also function as a dresser, even once the baby is toilet trained.

Features to Look Out for When Buying a Baby Changing Table


It is common for changing tables to provide tethers and anchors to stop your little one from having an accident. The furniture should also be secured to the wall to avoid it falling over.


Each changing table will vary in height. You will find out that most fit in the range of 91-109cm height. To prevent back pain, you need to pick a changing table that will be comfortable for your height.

Storage Options

Keep all the items you need to hand, stored in a baby changing unit with drawers and help make your life easier. There is no doubt that you will need nappies, disposable wipes and nappy cream easily accessible yet out of reach of your baby’s curious grip, so make sure you find the right changing unit for your needs.

Non-Toxic Paint

Some older changing tables can work just fine but watch out for those old-fashioned paint jobs. Some of those earlier paints can be hiding lead traces in them, which means they can be highly dangerous to babies and toddlers. 

Baby's Weight

It’s harder than you think to diaper a big, squirmy baby. At a certain weight, it’s safer to change them on a pad or towel on the floor. But don’t worry — you’ll be an expert by then. 

How to Choose the Right Baby Changing Table: Our Top 5 Picks 

Our experts have put together a list of their top five changing table picks to help you make your decision. There is plenty to choose from whatever your budget, desired style or chosen function so that all your requirements are catered for.

  • Clara 3-Drawer Dresser and Changer in White and Ash

  • Upgrade your baby’s nursery with the Clara 3-Drawer Dresser and Changer. If you are looking for spacious storage this dresser and changer, with its three large drawers, is perfect for holding everything you need for your baby. With a removable changing station, the calming muted white ash palette or alternative all-over white frame fits beautifully into any stylish nursery.

  • Aylesbury 3-Drawer Dresser and Changer in White and Ash

  • Unique contemporary styling for the modern nursery, the strong, bold and modern features of its design makes the Aylesbury a favourite choice in this category. The Aylesbury three-drawer dresser and changer is designed with silent soft-close drawer runners so that you don’t disturb your sleeping beauty, three spacious drawers to keep all your baby’s clothes and essentials organised and a removable changing station. It is also available in all-over white.

  • Troll Torsten Dresser and Changer

  • The Retro Rio White Chest of Drawers is the quirky chest with character due to its angled brown legs though it is not just about fun, since silence is ensured by the drawers integrated damping for a softer close. It is delightfully roomy so you have space to keep all those essential baby care products handy and the baby care unit itself can be removed to give you a useful unit for storage. 

  • Troll Lukas Changing Table in Soft Grey and Natural

  • The Lukas Changing Table is the perfect addition to your nursery. Its bespoke and modern space-saving design perfectly holds a changing mat with an accessory drawer underneath — ideal for storing essential wipes and balms. There are two contemporary shelves below for storage and spare clothes. It’s made from solid birch wood and finished to a high standard with water-based paints. Available in white and natural too. 

    What Changing Mat Should I Choose?

    Changing mats are one of the most used baby essentials.

    An essential piece of equipment in your baby changing arsenal, this mat can also be a comfortable perch for a post-bath massage or a soft supportive mat for your baby to lie on when underneath their favourite play gym.  

    At CuddleCo, all of our changing mats are waterproof, wipe clean and soft padded,  providing a comfortable area to change your baby. Made of phthalate-free PVC material, which is safe for your baby's skin, they come in a range of adorable designs and materials, including bamboo and PVC. This adds a fun pop of colour to your baby changing table. 

    Discover CuddleCo’s full range of stylish changing tables, designed with the comfort and safety of your little one in mind. Shop now for free shipping on all orders over £50.