How to Choose the Right Cot Bed For Your Baby

How to Choose the Right Cot Bed For Your Baby

Though it might not seem like it to sleep-deprived mothers, babies sleep most of the time during their first two years of life. This means that the place where they sleep — their cot — is a crucial investment. It’s normally advised that a baby sleeps in the same room as you, though in their own space, for six months. They can be moved into their own bedroom or nursery from six months old. While you could put a baby in a cot from day one, many parents opt for a smaller Moses basket or crib for the first few months. 

A cot bed needs to look good in your child's nursery, but you also want one that's going to keep your baby safe while sleeping and be easy for you to put together and use.

How Do I Know the Cot I’m Buying is Safe?

You’ll want to do your own research to check that the cot you’re buying is safe, but the NHS guidelines for buying a cot are a good place to start. In general, you should look for a sturdy cot and you should make sure the bars are well-spaced so that your baby’s head can’t get stuck. The mattress should be a good snug fit for the cot. Aside from the mattress, keep items out of the cot so that the baby can’t get tangled up or into mischief. Cuddly toys and blankets can come when the baby is older!

A good way to easily check your cot is to confirm it meets BS EN 716-2:2008. This is the level of safety required by law for all new cots in the UK, and if a cot meets this standard it will have correct spacing on the bars.

Should I Buy a Cot Bed or a Cot? 

You might be wondering whether to opt for a cot or a cot bed. It’ll depend on your needs, as there are pros and cons to each. 


Cots these days tend to have adjustable heights to make it easier to lift your baby as it grows.


  • A baby can be put in a cot from day one.
  • For smaller nurseries, they are a great space-saving option.


  • A cot can be difficult to move around. 
  • Many parents prefer a Moses basket or similar for newborns, as cots can feel big. 

Cot Beds

Cot beds are basically bigger and wider than a normal cot. A cot bed is usually 140cm x 70cm, where a cot is 120cm x 60cm. A cot bed is a tempting option for some parents as it can be converted to a small bed for a toddler. 


  • You might get more use out of a cot bed, compared to a cot. 


  • They are larger than a cot, meaning they might not be suitable for a small nursery.

Features To Look Out For When Buying a Cot Bed

Height-Adjustable Base 

As we’ve mentioned, the height of a cot bed should be adjustable. This means you can adjust the cot bed as your baby grows. 


It is advised that your baby sleeps in the same room as you for the first six months, so if you are limited for space, a cot will be better than a cot bed.

Matching Nursery Furniture Sets

It is worth buying a cot that comes as part of a matching furniture set if you are looking for nursery furniture. White and grey are the two most popular colours of nursery furniture if you don't want to go for a standard wooden finish. 

How To Choose The Right Cot Bed: Our Top 5 Picks 

Our experts have put together a list of their top five cot bed picks to help you make your decision.

  • Clara Cot Bed in White Driftwood Ash

  • Complete your fairytale nursery with the Clara Cot Bed. Suitable for newborns up to children of five years old, its classic curvature with a modern contemporary aesthetic and functional style will transform any nursery. Designed with three mattress positions, this cot bed has a mattress included and easily converts into a modern and stylish toddler bed, growing with the need of your little one through their formative years. Also available in all-over white.

  • Aylesbury Cot Bed in White and Ash

    Aylesbury Cot Bed in White and Ash

    Unique contemporary styling for the modern nursery, the strong, bold modern features of this cot bed design makes the Aylesbury a great choice in this category. The Aylesbury full-size cot bed suitable from birth to about five years. Designed with three mattress positions to grow with your baby, the Aylesbury can easily transform into a day bed and a toddler bed to use for years to come. It is also available in all-over white.

  • Juliet Cot Bed in Dove Grey
  • Juliet Cot Bed in Dove Grey

    The Juliet cot bed is expertly made by hand in Europe. A simple and classic design crafted to suit any nursery seamlessly. Featuring our signature tongue and groove design on the headboard and safety teething rails to help soothe your little one when teething keeps your cot bed in the best condition. Made with solid pine and board, the Juliet cot bed offers exceptional quality at a great price. The Juliet cot bed has three adjustable heights from newborn to toddler, eventually converting into a toddler bed as your child grows.


  • Retro Rio Cot Bed in White

  • Retro Rio Cot Bed in White

    The Retro Rio cot bed is a modern, white cot bed with a cool character. The combination of solid wooden legs and a fabric foot end gives the cot bed a unique touch. The cot bed grows with your baby thanks to its slatted base that can be adjusted to three heights (30-45-63 cm). You can use the highest position of the slatted base when your baby is just born, so you can easily take the baby out of his bed. When your baby grows and starts to pull up, you can deepen the position. Set the slatted base to the lowest position if your baby can sit upright independently.

    What Cot Mattress Should I Choose?

    Most of the cot beds from CuddleCo come with a complimentary anti-allergy mattress to take the stress out of finding the perfect fit. 

    The importance of finding the right mattress for your baby is crucial for both their sleep and for yours. That’s why, to make the process easier, our experts here at CuddleCo have put together a guide to help you work out what is the best cot mattress for your baby.

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