Mother & Baby Gold Collection Cot Mattresses

Mother & Baby Gold Collection Cot Mattresses

The key to a good day is a great night’s sleep.

At CuddleCo, we understand the importance of getting a good night’s sleep for your baby’s growth, development and health — and your peace of mind. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, we are rapidly on our way to becoming the nation’s Sleep Specialist for your little one.

With the average newborn baby sleeping for around 17 hours per day, we have launched the Mother&Baby Gold Collection Cot Mattress range, designed from the advice of experts and mothers alike, to give your baby and toddler the best sleeping experience possible. You can rest easy knowing your little one is in great hands — and maybe even get the chance to catch some much-needed ZZZs yourself. 

The Importance of Sleep for Your Baby

Some babies sleep much more than others. Some sleep for long periods, others in short bursts. Some soon sleep through the night, while some don't for a long time.

Regardless of your baby’s sleep pattern, the need for your baby to get a good amount of sleep is not to be underestimated. As babies grow, their bodies are in a state of rapid development. While they’re busy snoozing, memories are being stored, synapses are forming, brain tissue is developing, connections are established, energy is replenished and much, much more.

While your baby is sleeping, it is also a great time for you to catch up on some well-deserved shut-eye. For parents, sleeping can be just as important as it is for their baby. Fragmented sleep can leave parents overwhelmed with tiredness and feeling bad-tempered, tearful, forgetful and depressed. 

That is why it is crucial for us to provide you with all the tools you need to help your baby fall asleep as much as necessary — and the mattress is a key part of that. 

Why Choose Mother&Baby Gold Collection Cot Mattresses?

Everything about the Mother&Baby Gold Collection cot mattresses has been designed with your baby’s sleep in mind. 

From catering for newborns snoozing peacefully in bassinets with the small Moses basket mattress, to supporting your baby in the transition to a larger cot as they grow, you can trust this range of mattresses to promote healthy sleep patterns and provide the best comfort for your little one. 

The Advantages of the Mother&Baby Gold Collection Cot Mattresses?

Not only do the Mother&Baby Gold Collection cot mattresses offer unrivalled support and comfort but there are also lots of other advantages to choosing them for your baby to sleep on.

  • Breathable  — they are designed to allow the movement of air to permeate the fabric, allowing for a constant fresh feel and absorption of inevitable leaks. They all have a waterproof membrane to protect each mattress without having to buy a separate waterproof cover.
  • Temperature Regulating  — containing advanced temperature regulating technology, every mattress in the Mother&Baby Gold Collection range is created to ensure your baby gets the optimised sleep they need. 
  • Easy to Clean  — each mattress comes with a removable, washable cover, which makes it easy to throw in the wash and ensure is always clean and ready for your little one’s sleep-time. 
  • Anti-Allergy  — each mattress incorporates Purotex-infused covers, a revolutionary technology based on 100% natural probiotics, an all-natural remedy against allergenic sleep disrupters. Purotex permanently cleans up to 93.7% of house dust mite allergens, providing a fresher, cleaner sleeping environment for your baby. 
  • Sustainable  — the mattresses are covered in Tencel, which is made from the pulp of trees grown on special farms, and is made using recyclable, earth-friendly chemicals — making it an environmentally-friendly, sustainable choice for your baby.
  • Organic  — a special selection of mattresses from the Gold Collection, such as the Organic Gold Chemical Free Cot Mattress, are certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), which ensures the product is treated organically from the harvesting of raw materials through to its manufacture and packaging.

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