10 Nursery Organisation Tips For The Busy Parent

10 Nursery Organisation Tips For The Busy Parent

Life can be chaotic with a newborn. Staying organised can truly preserve your sanity. Check out our nursery organisation tips!


If there’s one thing most parents agree on, it’s that the early days are exhausting. You walk around in a bit of a haze, not understanding what’s going on or what day of the week it is. At times like this, you’ll be grateful for nursery organisation hacks to keep your life in order — or as in order as it can be!


Don’t be fooled by these gorgeous images populating Instagram — while these nurseries are stunning at that moment, odds are they’ll be messed up within the day. And that’s okay. But with a few nursery organisation tips, you can keep the chaos to a minimum and keep your sanity intact!


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1. Place Pegs on the Side of Your Changing Table




One excellent organisation tip for nurseries is the use of hooks or pegs. Savvy parents often place these pegs on the side of a dresser or changing table. This gives them extra space to hang bags, coats, jackets or anything else you need to access quickly.


 2. Use Cubbies to Store Toys and Blankets


Once you have a baby, you’ll realise how much comes along with them — a myriad of toys, dummies, bits and bobs that all seem to get lost if you don’t keep organised. One of the best nursery organisation tips we can give you is to invest in cubbies. You can get cubbies to suit your decor, and believe us, you’ll always find a use for them. You can use them to store fiddly toys, socks (which always go walkabout) or perhaps nappies for easy access.


3. Use Shelves to Save on Space



White Clara nursery shelf with 3 hanging pegs for clothes 

Shelves are a great organisation tool for your nursery. Place them high up — your baby’s beautiful, grabby little newborn fingers will soon turn into roaming toddler fingers and then nothing will be safe. Use your shelves to display your baby books or as a convenient location for your baby monitor. 


 4. Use the Space under Your Crib



You’ll always need more storage space as a parent. To stay organised, you’ll want to make as much use of your room as possible. This includes the convenient but often under-utilised space under the crib. 


Our cribs and cradles are simple, sleek and stylish and offer a lot of storage opportunities! Purchase a few storage containers and place them below the crib — use them to store pyjamas or blankets for convenience.


5. Use a Dresser Changing Table Combo



Clara nursery dresser with 3 drawers and a removable changing top 

One tip we love to share with our customers is that — although we love dedicated changing tables — you don’t necessarily need one. Our Clara 3 Drawer Dresser & Changer is both a dresser and a changer, meaning while you’re changing your little one, you can quickly grab required items from the drawers below. It’s a stylish, space-saving solution we know you’ll love.


However, if you feel the cot above isn’t quite right for you, that’s okay — we have a helpful guide on how to choose a baby changing table you’ll find really useful.


6. Get Drawer Organisers


How often have you opened a drawer only to find a disorganised mess? It’s okay, we’ve all been there. But the most organised of parents know about the power of drawer organisers. They come in different shapes and sizes, and they help you maintain some order in your drawers. So you’ll know exactly where to reach when you need to find a pair of socks or a dummy in the middle of the night!


 7. Use over-the-Door Organisers


In the early days, just dressing yourself will feel like a trial, let alone coping with your newborn! This is why some parents love the concept of pre-organising the week’s worth of outfits. You can purchase an over-the-door organiser with many pockets that allow you to pop outfits into each compartment. Do this once a week when you’re feeling lively and motivated, and save yourself the headspace for when you’re tired and in desperate need of a coffee!


8. Make Sure You Have a Pre-Packed Nappy Bag Ready to Go


One organisation tip that will save you a lot of time is to have a pre-packed nappy bag in your nursery, ready to go. This will cut the time needed to leave your home in half! Pack it full of nappies, wet wipes, cream and even a couple of dummies (if you use them) or toys to keep your little one occupied. When you bring it back home, repack it immediately, so it’s ready to go for next time.


9. Have a Nappy Station Set Up

 baby changing station with toiletries bag and blanket

Similarly, you’ll want a nappy station (or three or four) set up in your home to make your life easier. Baby changing bags with toiletries and essentials make life easier. You’re going to be changing a lot of nappies! You’ll be changing your baby at least six times a day, so it’s a good idea to have a station set up where you have everything you need at your disposal. 


We recommend setting up one nappy station in the nursery, conveniently located near your dresser, so you have access to clean, fresh clothes. But it’s also a good idea to have one or two portable nappy stations set up, where you spend the majority of your time. This way, you won’t need to bring the baby back to the nursery for a change when you’re right in the middle of a TV show or a much-needed adult conversation!


10. Place a Shelving Unit in Your Closet


An organisation hack we found recently, which we love, is also a space-saving solution. If your nursery has a large closet (some are built-in and are pretty big!), the bottom half of the cupboards will be wasted in a nursery. After all, their clothes are so tiny. A great way to make the most use of this space while also keeping your baby’s clothes together and organised is to place your dresser in your closet. This will leave you more room to play with in your nursery!


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