White Nursery Furniture For a Minimalist Look

White Nursery Furniture For a Minimalist Look

When we put together our nursery sets here at CuddleCo, we take great care to keep in mind the latest trends, the calmest colours and the classiest furniture. We want your nursery to be a refuge, a place where you and your baby want to spend time and relax. That’s why we are so committed to quality. 


Lately, we’ve been fascinated by the trend towards minimalism for nurseries. Once upon a time, nurseries were all about bright, stimulating colours. Sometimes there was a leaning towards soft, delicate pastels. But as our appreciation and understanding of psychology advances, we’ve come to understand that there is something so deeply satisfying and zen about white. 


White can be such a calming colour. The colour white can help us slow down and give us a chance to catch our breath, which is why white is the perfect choice for a nursery. It can create a true oasis from the everyday hustle and bustle of parenting. And your baby will pick up on your calmer energy.


If this sounds like perfection to you, we have some great ideas for a minimalist look. Check out this white nursery furniture and decor to inspire you. 


A Gorgeous Moses Basket


Moses baskets provide a small, snug, safe place for your little one to snooze in those early days. The average newborn spends nearly 18 hours out of the day sleeping away, so you want to make sure they're comfy. What's more, Moses baskets are lightweight and portable, so if you need to nip out of the room, it’s easy to do so while taking your slumbering baby with you.


This stunning handwoven Childhome Moses Basket with a white cover is fantastic for a minimalist nursery, complete with an innovative probiotic treatment on the basket's mattress and dressing. 



Moses basket on a white stand


On a Stunning White Moses Basket Stand


As with most Moses baskets, you need to purchase the stand separately, which is great news, as it allows you to further personalise your nursery. You could go mix and match, or create the perfect classic white look featured above. 


If you're looking for a fabulous white Moses basket stand for your nursery, we recommend the Childhome Moses basket stand. The stand can be gently rocked, helping your little one to drift off to sleep.


Every Baby Needs a Quality Cot Bed


Let’s talk about cot beds. If you want to focus on white nursery furniture, this Aylesbury cot bed is perfect for you, whether you are having a little boy or a little girl. This unisex cot bed grows with your baby and is suitable from birth to five years. 



White Aylesbury Cot Bed On Wooden Flooring


Snuggle up with This Bamboo Cellular Blanket


So now that you have a gorgeous cot bed and Moses basket, we have to consider blankets and comfort. 


For those seeking pure softness and luxury, we recommend the Comfi-Hugs bamboo cellular blanket. Made from luxuriously soft, natural and lightweight bamboo, this blanket is perfect for delicate baby skin, for swaddling and warmth. This white blanket is made of breathable fabric and is machine washable.

 White Cellular Blanket



Swaddle Your Baby in Style


We're big fans of the swaddle. Baby swaddling offers so many benefits. Swaddling mimics the warm, cosy feeling of the womb while helping to moderate the Moro Reflex (more commonly referred to as the 'startle reflex'). Swaddling can also help to regulate temperature and alleviate colic symptoms.


If you're looking for a soft, sweet swaddle for your baby, check out the Jersey leopard baby wrapper. It's a lovely white, accented with leopard spots for just a hint of cuteness. This swaddle can be used from birth and will help to keep your baby nice and warm. What's more, it uses a velcro sticker, which makes swaddling a breeze.



Leopard print baby wrapper


Muslins Are Worth Their Weight in (White) Gold


There are so many uses for muslins. Muslins can be used as bibs to wipe up spills and dribble, and they can be used as swaddles or simply as a comforter. We guarantee that, as a parent, you’ll be glad for each and every muslin you have — odds are, you’ll never have enough.


For quality white muslins for your neural nursery, check out these Mother&Baby organic cotton muslins. These organic cotton muslins haven't been treated with any chemicals or dyes, so however you choose to use them, you can do so with confidence.


 white muslin cloths made from organic cotton


This White Canopy Tent and Playmat Is Fit For a Princess


We love this white canopy tent and playmat. It adds an element of style to your nursery in a simple way. You can hang this canopy over a Moses basket for sleeping, or over a play gym for a cosy play corner. It's easy to hang up and comes with a play mat, which can be added to the net using the loops attacked.  

 white canopy tent with cushioned playmat


A White Wardrobe Perfect For a Minimalist Nursery


You need to hang those gorgeous baby clothes somewhere, so let’s talk wardrobes. This white Aylesbury double wardrobe is a classy addition to any nursery, particularly if you're looking for calming white nursery furniture.  It's soft and stylish while also being strong and bold. This versatile wardrobe fits in well with most nurseries. It also comes with two removable hanging rails and a deep drawer for storage.


Another classic white option is the Clara Wardrobe. With 2 removable hanging rails to convert into a full-size wardrobe, a deep storage drawer and handy shelving space, these useful and stylish features are a benefit to any nursery.


white Aylesbury wardrobe in a minimalist nursery room


Consider a Simple Clothes Stand


Sometimes, all you need is a simple clothes stand. Some parents find it a lifesaver, particularly when planning outfits for the next couple of days. The Tipi open clothes stand is just the choice to add an adventurous element to your nursery.


white tipi stand for hanging clothes


Let’s Talk Changing Tables


The changing table is a staple for most nurseries. This white Troll Lukas chanting table fits in beautifully with your other white nursery furniture. It holds a changing matt while also having an accessory drawer for wipes and balms, and shelves for spare clothes or nappies.




Or You Could Go for a Dresser and Changer 


Let's move on to dressers. This Clara dresser and changer can be used simply as a dresser for your nursery, or it can hold a changing mat on top if space is an issue and you want to maximise all the possible space in your nursery. This dresser offers style, storage and function, with three spacious drawers. If you’re looking for the perfect changing mat for the top of your dresser, we recommend this bamboo changing mat.


white changing table with shelves 


Another option is to pair a stunning White Torsten Dresser with a White Torsten Changing Top as pictured below, for an extra handy, spacious and stylish touch.



We Love This Stylish White Storage Basket


Of course, you’re going to need some storage for all those cute toys you and your family will buy your little one. We know that the majority of the time they’ll be spread across the floor (let’s be realistic — we’re busy and babies are messy), but for a quick cleanup and easy, stylish storage, we recommend this cotton rope basket for a fun, boho look or this white and gold storage box for an exciting splash of metallic colour.


 white canvas storage box with gold dots



Stimulate Your Baby’s Senses with This Play Gym 


Speaking of toys, one piece of entertainment we recommend you buy for your baby is a play gym. This Tipi play gym frame is just what you need to help your baby develop their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. You can buy a selection of toys to hang from the gym to suit your style and taste.


tipi play gym made from white wood with canvas toys

And a Zebra Painting!


Want to roll with the zebra theme? Not a bad idea, considering black and white images can stimulate your baby's optic nerves and encourage cognitive brain development. This beautiful zebra oil painting with stylish gold detail is just the right addition to any modern nursery.


zebra oil painting


Everyone Loves a Classic Rocking Horse


The rocking horse is a timeless piece of nursery furniture. Your baby will absolutely love this white rocking horse, giving them hours of fun!

white rocking horse made from wood


Baby Bouncers Are a Godsend


Baby bouncers can be a real lifesaver. If you need to pick up a few items of clothing, organise the toys or even just give your hair a quick brush, pop your baby in a bouncer and they’ll entertain themselves while taking in everything around them. This Childhome Evolvux bouncer is an ergonomic rocker designed with comfort and style in mind.



white baby bouncer


Complete the Look with This Toy Stroller


Finally, this white wooden toy stroller is a fun addition to your nursery while being an ideal place to store all your baby's best toys. As they get older, they will be able to use this stroller to draw and write, and while they're learning to walk, they'll love to drag this droller along with them from room to room.


white toy stoller with a blackboard front


Excited to get shopping for your nursery? We offer free shipping when you spend £50 or more, and remember, you can create a wishlist with CuddleCo so your family knows exactly what you're looking for.