What Do I Need for a Newborn?

What Do I Need for a Newborn?




You might be wondering what furniture you need for a newborn. 

Find out exactly what furniture you will need in this expert guide. 


There are a few moments you know you’ll remember forever. Bringing your baby home from the hospital is one of them. In those early days, you’ll be living in a haze of joy, excitement, contentment and — let’s be honest — exhaustion. 


Those sleepless nights are no joke. As “in love'' as you might be with your little one, you’ll also probably be more tired than ever, which is why it’s so important to have all of your furniture organised and set up beforehand. You want to make sure you are fully prepared with everything you need — exactly where you need it. But what exactly do you need? We recommend the following furniture to create the perfect newborn nursery:


  • Dresser
  • Storage Baskets
  • Portable Moses Basket
  • Doona
  • Swaddle
  • Baby Bouncer
  • Quality Cot Bed
  • Collection of Muslins
  • Nursing Pillows


When it comes to the comfort and safety of your baby, It’s not just about what furniture you have, but the quality of that furniture. In a bid to help your peace of mind, we’ve picked apart this entire list of recommended furniture in much more detail, so you know exactly what qualities and functions to look out for when shopping for your newborn. Keep reading to find out more!


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You’ll Need a Dresser for All Those Baby Clothes! 


There’s one thing we can guarantee — from the moment you announce you’re expecting, you’ll receive a steady stream of adorable baby clothes from friends and family. It might even get to the point where you won’t need to buy a single item of clothing, at least not for the first year! 


Of course, you’ll need a place to store all these clothes, which is why we recommend all new parents get a dresser. This beautiful white Aylesbury dresser is a popular choice, and it comes with a removable changing unit, so if you want to save room in your nursery and don't have space for a changing table, this dresser is the ideal pick.


Aylesbury 3 drawer dresser with changing top


Storage Baskets for Your Baby’s Many Toys


As your baby grows, so will their toy collection. To preserve your sanity, we recommend investing in a few storage baskets. These teddy storage baskets are adorable, and they'll fit right in with any nursery. Be prepared with your storage baskets well in advance to help store all of those pre-birth gifts and toys you’re sure to be collecting.



toy storage baskets in beige teddy bear design.


Doona Car Seat 


Don’t be caught short! Remember that you need to be prepared for the journey back from the hospital before you can show your baby their gorgeous new nursery! For that all-important journey back from the hospital, we always recommend the Doona Infant Car Seat. Created with ultimate safety in mind, your baby will have nothing but the best protection and style for their first journey. With a range of colours to choose from, the Doona range is perfect for anyone.



Doona Car Seat In Green


Trust Us — Get a Swaddle


Babies are born with a startle reflex — you’ll notice it with newborns. Every now and then, they’ll throw their arms wide mid-sleep and wake themselves up. It’s adorable to see, and it’s a good sign that your baby’s reflexes are working as they should be. This reflex should go away in a few months, but until then, a swaddle can work wonders to soothe babies and prevent the startle reflex from waking them up in the middle of the night. Swaddling is often soothing and comforting for babies, who usually love the feeling of being gently restricted and comforted.


This Jersey leopard baby wrapper is the best swaddle you'll find. It is soft and stylish and makes swaddling quick and straightforward, with a simple velcro strip to keep everything in place.


Leopard print baby wrapper with universal fit and made from soft jersey cotton


Baby Bouncer (and All the Accessories)


For helping your little one learn to use their legs, a great bouncer is a staple of an ideal nursery. They allow your little one to discover the big world from a safe and comfortable spot. Our Childhome bouncers can easily be moved from one room to another so that you can keep your baby close to you in those early days.

baby sat in a white Evolux baby bouncer


A Convenient, Portable Moses Basket


Who doesn't love a beautiful Moses basket? But as adorable as they are, they also serve a really useful function. As we already mentioned, babies sleep a lot. But that doesn't mean you will feel comfortable leaving them on their own for long periods while they snooze. In situations like this, a Moses basket is a lifesaver. As the baby sleeps away, you can take them from room to room, so you can get things done — or free up your hands to have a well-earned cup of tea. This Childhome Moses basket is a great choice and pairs with this Moses basket stand perfectly.


Another option here is to go for a stylish Retro Crib, which delivers the perfect combination of safety and style to your little one's new home.





A Quality Cot Bed (and Mattress!)


We can't emphasise enough how important good sleep is for your baby. According to studies, sleep helps babies to develop and strengthen their memories. Sleep is also necessary for good health and wellbeing. When your babies are growing, a quality cot bed is a perfect follow-on from a Moses basket or crib.


Babies can sleep up to 18 hours a day. At CuddleCo, we think every single minute of that sleep should count, which is why we sell only the very best cot beds. One of our most popular cot beds is the Clara cot bed, suitable for newborns up to about five years of age, converting into a toddler bed with a few simple adjustments. 


We recommend ensuring that any cot beds or other baby beds —  including Moses baskets and cribs — are paired with quality mattresses to provide ultimate comfort and safety to your newborn. What good is a stunning bed if it doesn’t have a quality mattress?




You Can Never Have Enough Muslins


If there is one thing we can promise you, it is this — believe us — you can never have enough muslins. From spit-up to nursing cover, muslins are multifunctional and comforting. Babies love them, and mums are continually finding new and useful ways to use muslins. As an example, check out this video on different ways to use a baby muslin.


We absolutely love these Mother&Baby organic cotton muslins. They come in neutral grey and white tones, some with gorgeous little stars. They are soft and durable, and we know your baby will be happily snuggling up to them for months.

 organic muslin cloths with grey and white patterns



Keep Yourself Comfortable with a Nursing Pillow


If you’re breastfeeding your little one, you need to think about your comfort, too. You’ll be breastfeeding a lot in the first few months as you build up your supply. In fact, sometimes you’ll feel like you’re doing very little else!

While you’re thinking about your baby and what they need, you should also take some time to consider yourself. A nursing pillow will help to support you and your baby during those breastfeeding hours. We recommend you check out this Mother&Baby organic cotton feeding and infant support pillow.



Mother&Baby Sitting Support And Feeding PIllow


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