What's The Best High Chair For You?

What's The Best High Chair For You?


As tiny, adorable and dependent as your newborn seems now, time passes by quicker than any of us realise. In the blink of an eye, your little treasure will be six months old and ready for weaning. They’ll be getting their little hands messy with purees, getting mashed potato all over their clothes and sampling tastes and textures that’ll make their little eyes pop. 


At this stage, it’s important that you have a high chair to support your baby as they grow. You’ll pick your high chair based on a number of factors — the overall look and feel of the chair, how comfortable it is for your baby, how easy it is to clean, and how it suits your decor, to name just a few. Remember, you’ll have your high chair for a while, and it’ll take a bit of a battering — it’s worth investing in a high-quality, durable high chair that will actually last and serve you well.


There are a huge number of high chairs out there, and everyone will have different priorities when it comes to picking out the best high chair for them and their baby. The first and foremost concern is the safety and security of your chair — you should always ensure it comes from a reliable and reputable retailer for peace of mind.


Let’s talk specifics — what’s the best high chair for you? We’ve listed our favourites below, chairs we believe are the ultimate in functionality and style.


Evolu 2 High Chair

 Evolu high chair with baby sat and smiling in it



This high chair is an excellent choice for anyone who wants a practical, long-lasting chair and cares about style. After all, you’ll be having to look at this high chair for a long time. But, as Marie Kondo says, it better spark joy every day. And we think this classic Scandinavian design will definitely spark joy.


The Evolu 2-in-1 high chair is suitable for babies from the age of 6 months. You can adapt the chair to be used for years until your child is about six years old. The high chair is adjustable to two table heights, so your baby can eat away with you at dinner time, creating a reliable and comforting routine for your little one. There’s nothing they love more than being with their family and socialising, so it’s a good idea to keep your baby involved from day one!


We’re all concerned with safety, so here’s what you need to know — the high chair is equipped with a five-point safety belt and a removable bumper, giving you peace of mind at all times. As your baby grows into a toddler, the chair can be adapted — simply remove part of the legs and it becomes a stylish toddler chair. This chair is built to last and is easy to clean — simply wipe with a damp cloth and dry immediately.


Evolu ONE.80° High Chair

white evolu highchair with wooden legs 



The Evolu ONE.80° is a high chair with a twist — you won’t know it yet, but that was a very clever and appropriate pun. Let’s fill you in on the details.


This is the thing about parenting — once you have your child in the high chair, all strapped in and settled, moving the high chair with your baby in it is not only potentially dangerous but seemingly impossible. We don’t understand the physics of it all, but they seem to almost double their weight in a high chair. But sometimes, you will want to shift your child into a different position while they’re in their seat. This is where the Evolvu ONE.80° comes in very useful.


Simply pull the lever at the back and swivel the top of the chair left or right, and your chair will lock into place — so your high chair can be put in three different positions without moving or lifting the whole chair. This is perfect if you are doing work around the kitchen and want to keep an eye on your baby, but it also makes your life easier when picking your baby out of the chair. Simply swivel them towards you and pluck them out.


We know your child will love this high chair, and for added comfort, you can buy a selection of seat cushions to make life even more cushy for your baby.


Evolu Newborn Seat


Evolu newborn seat with anthracite and wooden colours


We love the two Evolvu high chairs above, but they’re not suitable for newborns. This is generally because high chairs are designed for babies aged six months and older — after all, that’s when the weaning process begins, as recommended by the NHS, WHO and Unicef.


But for those looking for a high chair suitable for a newborn, we have some good news. The Evolvu Newborn seat is perfect for babies from birth. Safe and secure, you can have your little bundle of joy join you at the table, where you can easily keep an eye on them and keep them entertained. At this age, they’re taking absolutely everything in, and everything is a learning opportunity — with a newborn high chair, you can get them involved in the dining experience from day one with this cosy, comfortable shell. We recommend you buy additional cushions for extra comfort.


The Evolvu newborn seat is compatible with the Evolvu 2 Evolu ONE 80° high chair and is easy to assemble.


 Lambda 3 High Chair


black lambda 3 high chair


The stylish Lambda 3 is another high chair suitable for babies from the age of six months. This innovative and clever design allows the chair to grow with your baby, as the seat and footrest are easily adjustable, without the need for screws (which is great — the last thing a busy parent needs is any added DIY!).


What we love about this high chair (apart from the fact that it’s practical and easy to clean) is its aesthetic. Perfect for any parent with a love for modern, minimalist furniture, this high chair is made of solid wood, and it will fit in well with a sleek, monochrome kitchen. It just goes to show you don’t need to compromise on style when baby comes along!


Order your high chair today and enjoy free shipping with your order. And, if you’re excited to get your nursery prepared in time for the arrival of your new baby, check out our new arrivals today.