Nursery Decor

Explore our collection of adorable nursery decor, crafted to help you create both a safe stimulating and soothing environment for your newborn. Our selection of nursery decorations have been hand-picked by our experts to fit seamlessly into any theme or interior design. Browse our unique nursery accessories, such as our Tipi Gym With Felt Animals, designed to inspire warmth and playfulness within your baby’s bedroom.

Changing Mat - Clouds Regular price £11.99
Changing Mat - Counting Stars Regular price £11.99
Changing Mat - Milk Print Regular price £11.99
Tipi Play Gym felt animal toys set of 4 Regular price £50
Tipi Play Gym canvas toys set of 5 Regular price £30
Standing Elephant Stuffed Animal 75 cm Regular price £189.99
Bamboo Changing Mat - Misty Giraffe Regular price £29.99
Cloud Blackboard - 2 Pack Regular price £9.99
Changing Mat - Polka Dot Multi Regular price £11.99
Teddy Storage Basket Beige 40 x 40 x 40cm Regular price £29.99
Changing Mat - I Love Milk Regular price £11.99
Rattan Wall Shelf Regular price £49.99