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How to Teach a Baby to Self-Soothe

You’ve rocked your baby to sleep. Sung them to sleep. Breastfed or bottle-fed them to sleep. You’re an expert at sending your baby to dreamland, but after months of perfecting this skill, you’re wondering: How long until my baby can do it on their own? Is there any way to speed up the process? When your little one is able to self-soothe themselves to sleep, it’s a big deal. While every baby is different and no one solution will work for everyone, we’ve compiled some tips to help make the process as quick and easy as possible. What Is Self-Soothing? Self-soothing is typically referred to a baby’s ability to fall asleep on their own without the need for an adult...

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How Long Does Anxiety Last after Having a Baby?

Being a new parent is stressful at the best of times.  It is perfectly normal to feel anxious or stressed after having a baby, as you find ways of adjusting to your new situation. Approximately 68% of women and 57% of men with mental health problems in the UK are parents, highlighting the correlation between having children and mental health issues. Many new parents feel exhausted from lack of sleep at this stage, making it even harder to cope with the changes in your lifestyle. It takes time for women, couples and families to adjust to a new baby.  There are many normal worries around at this time. For example, it is common for new mothers to feel anxious about...

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What Is the Best Positioning for Breastfeeding?

What Is the Best Positioning for Breastfeeding? Breastfeeding can be one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences you'll have as a mother if you are able or choose to do it.  Making milk might come naturally, but the delivery of it from breast to baby belly takes a little know-how and a lot of practice. There’s no right or wrong way to hold and feed your baby, and each mum and baby will find their preferred position to feed in. What’s important is that you both feel comfortable.  For just about every new mum and baby, the first attempts at breastfeeding are haphazard and hapless, at best. But proper positioning is essential in helping your newborn latch on the...

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