How to Arrange Furniture in a Small Nursery

How to Arrange Nursery Furniture

If space is limited, but you refuse to compromise on quality, here is our guide on how to arrange furniture in a small nursery.

More often than not, the smallest bedroom in the house is converted into a nursery when the time comes. After all, babies are tiny. And their needs are relatively basic. They are simply looking for a place to sleep, and even then, you might choose to keep your baby with you for the first six months of their lives. So it suits everyone. But that doesn’t mean we don’t want the nursery to look gorgeous.

Here at CuddleCo, we understand the need to balance practicality with style. You want to make the most of space, but equally, you don’t want the room to look cramped and uninviting. So what are you to do?


Fortunately, there are a few hacks, tips and tricks to make your nursery look larger than it is. Here is our best advice on how to arrange furniture in a small nursery while maintaining an air of sophistication and style. We’ll show you how even the smallest of rooms can have a big impact — particularly if you choose suitable cot beds and furniture.


1. Save Space with a Dresser and Changer in One


nursery dresser with changing table top



If you don't have space in your small nursery for a separate changing table and dresser, that's perfectly fine. Mothers have survived far worse! And fortunately, we have a stylish solution for you. The Clara 3 Drawer Dresser & Changer is designed to offer you style, storage and functionality while saving you space. This furniture offers a modern, minimalist look that will transform any nursery. 


If you need any more inspiration, check out our blog post on how to choose a baby changing table.


Use Every Inch to Your Advantage and Get Clever with Space


Talking of dressers and changing tables, some parents out there have got really clever with the space they have on offer. They realise that while they might not have a large nursery, the wardrobe itself is pretty sizable. So how can you use that wardrobe to save yourself space?


Some parents have opted to place their dresser inside the wardrobe. After all, the bottom part of the wardrobe is usually unused in a nursery, and it’s prime real estate. Simply place your dresser into the nursery closet — you’ve made changing time convenient, and you have saved some floor space. 


 Find a Stylish, Streamlined Cot



troll lukas cot bed in natural


The cot is likely to be the focal point of your nursery. In all likelihood, it will also be the largest piece of furniture. For this reason, we’re passionate about recommending cots with a streamlined design. Go for a simple, sleek cot, preferably with some space for storage underneath. 


We have a handy guide on how to choose the right cot bed for your baby if you’re looking for a little extra help


Put the Crib in the Corner of the Nursery


If you’re looking to maximise floor space, you will want to open up the centre of the room to prevent your nursery from looking too cluttered and overwhelming. We recommend placing your crib in a cosy little corner of the nursery for the best effect. 


Use under the Crib Storage


As we mentioned, the space below your crib often represents a lost opportunity for storage. Many cribs have a space between the base and the floor, where you can use little drawers or baskets to store and organise your baby’s toys or blankets.


Find a Tall, Narrow Bookcase


Part of the fun of having a baby is collecting books and reading to them at night. There are so many benefits of reading books to babies. It teaches them about communication, introduces concepts such as shapes, colours, numbers and letters, and builds their vocabulary and memory skills. What's more, it is just a fantastic bonding time, where your baby can listen to their favourite sound in the world — your voice.


But we know that books can end up taking up a lot of space, which is an issue in a small nursery. As a solution, we recommend tall, narrow bookcases. Such shelves draw the eyes upward and make the best use of space. Any way you can make the most of vertical space in your nursery is beneficial.


Keep Decor Simple


Remember, it’s not all about the furniture, it’s also about theme and decor. Be intentional about design, and be aware that the more you put on the walls, the more cluttered your nursery will look. So, it’s best to go for a minimalist design. Less can be more in terms of the overall aesthetic. 


Use White, Neutral Colours and Bright Lighting


And while we’re on the theme of design, we’d also recommend going for light, bright colours and bright lighting. A neutral colour pallet will help your nursery look more spacious and less cluttered. If you want a more airy, serene atmosphere, we suggest keeping to white and avoiding busy patterns.


Use Simple, Sleek Blinds


When it comes to small spaces, have you considered blinds over curtains? What if we told you that blinds could make a room look larger? Blinds can keep coverings flush with the walls, and when they're not needed, you can pull them up and out of the way, and it's like they're not there at all!


Place the Play Box in Another Room


If you’re struggling for space, it’s important to get back to basics — design your nursery for feeding, sleeping and nappy changes. For the longest time, your baby won’t be in their room, playing away independently. They don’t necessarily need all their toys in the nursery. The best place for their toys is where you spend most of your time — such as the lounge or living room. You might even want a small box of toys in the kitchen for the baby to play with in their high chair, while you prepare food and get on with your day. This is an excellent way of saving space, and it’s logical, too.


Buy Only What You Absolutely Need


It’s so easy to get carried away with nursery furniture, especially when you’re so excited about the birth of your baby. But it’s best to stop and question — what furniture and essentials do you actually need? Try to stick to the basics if you have a small nursery to work with. You don't want to overwhelm the room. Too much furniture will look like clutter. If you want some guidance, here is our essential nursery furniture checklist.


Here at CuddleCo, we know exactly how to give your baby (and you, by extension!) a good night's sleep. Browse our selection of baby furniture today and receive free shipping on orders over £50!