When Do Babies Outgrow A Changing Table?

When Do Babies Outgrow A Changing Table?


Is it beginning to get harder for your little one to sit still when you need to change their nappy? Do you feel like your baby is too big for their changing table? Does my baby weigh to much for their changing table?

Whether or not it’s time to give up on the changing table will be based specifically on your baby. This may not be the answer you were looking for, but do not worry because we have got some tips and advice to help you in making the safest decisions for your baby.

You should stop using a changing table if…

  • Your baby grows and exceeds the weight limit of the changing table, which usually weigh between 30-35 pounds.


  • Your baby is strong enough to sit up or roll from back to front easily, which means that this development milestone shows that they have outgrown it.


  • Your baby can no longer be held in place safety with a child restraint (around the age of 6-12 months).


  • You decide that you want to start potty training, so you may want to purchase one of our cot bed mattresses which are double sided, one side with our signature bamboo fabric and the other with our easy-clean waterproof training later, ideal for those potty training nights.

 cot bed mattress with waterproof layer for protection against bed wetting

However, you may decide that you are not ready to leave the changing table just yet. But as your baby gets older and more independent, they may start to get a little restless when it’s time to change their nappy. This can be many attempts to roll away, kick, stand up and crawl away.


4 tips before you change their nappy…

  • Make sure that all of the changing supplies are nearby so that you won’t be tempted to walk away from your baby as its very dangerous to leave your baby unattended.

 changing mat with anti roll sides and white and grey star design

  • We offer anti roll changing mats to limit the amount of wriggling to make nappy changing less stressful for you and your baby.
  • Your baby may feel more comfortable once you have established a routine and you do the same things every time.
  • Distracting your baby, such as singing or talking to your baby means that they are less likely to squirm around during the change.


How do you choose a changing table?

baby changing table with removable changer and 3 large drawers for storage

A lot of thought is put into buying a changing table for your baby, you may look at design, colour, practicality and will your baby be comfortable on the table.


Our nursery dressers are both pretty and practical with a changing mat that fits perfectly on top of the dresser. The removable changing top makes it easily convertible. You simply take off the changing top to convert the changer into a stylish set of drawers as your child grows up. Your purchase of the dresser is multi-purpose and could be used anywhere in the home.


The dresser also has 3 large draws that gives you the possibility of storing all of your baby’s clothes, toys, wipes, nappies and blankets to be used at your convenience.


Other storage tips for your baby essentials


When you have had a baby, things can sometimes get a little stressful and you may be feeling disorganised with so much to do. It is important that you keep your baby’s changing equipment as organised as possible, to help control your stress.


Stay organised by:

Using a toiletry bag to keep your small essentials organised.

baby changing bag on table with blanket

If you are planning to be out for longer, then an all-day bag can be a great purchase to help take everything you need and have the ability to have it all in one place wherever you are.


Doona all day essentials bag

For more storage tips check out our blog 10 nursery organisation tips for the busy parent, where we look at more ways to make nappy changing more convenient.